Printable Road Trip Planner

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Printable & Editable Road Trip Planner | Travel Planner | Vacation Planner | This ultimate Road Trip Planner makes planning your next adventure easy!

With organized planning, vacations are a time to relax, enjoy each other’s company and create lasting memories! This unique Road Trip Planner includes 58 pages to cover every aspect of planning a memorable road trip, from printable travel organizers to help you discover extraordinary places to travel journals to help you record every memory!. Spend more time planning with easy-to-follow organizers and less time feeling frustrated, frazzled, and weary.


Plan your road trips in an organized way with this super useful printable PDF road trip planner. You can print the entire planner or just the sheets you need at home, as many times as you need it.

This planner is a digital PDF file to print at home or in a store, and it is sent by email once the payment has been made.

Plan your road trips by car or camper van or motorhome (RV) in an organized way with this super useful road trip planner to print.

The Road Trip Planner includes:

  • PDF file
  • Size: A4
  • Type: Printable PDF
  • Design: Veronica Cussi
  • Total Pages: 58
  • Pages with unique designs: 45
  • 1 cover page
  • 1-page summary
  • 1 cover page first part
  • 1 page «how to plan a trip!
  • 1-page checklist of the plan
  • 2 pages “before traveling”
  • 1-page search for your road trip
  • 2 pages our road trip
  • 1-page «wish list.»
  • 3 pages «budget.»
  • 1-page «expenses.»
  • 1 page of notes
  • 1 cover page second part
  • 1 information search page
  • 1 page «what to see and do.»
  • 1-page «itinerary.»
  • 1 page «on the road.»
  • 1-page destination card
  • 1-page daily itinerary
  • 2 pages weekly itinerary
  • 1 page of notes
  • 1 cover page third part
  • 2 vehicle preparation pages
  • 1-page «entertainment.»
  • 1 shopping page
  • 3 pages of «outfit.»
  • 3 “luggage” pages
  • 1 page of «what to pack in your backpack.»
  • 1 “plan your meals” page
  • 3 pages “while I’m away.”
  • 1 quarter cover page
  • 1-page hotel details
  • 2 pages of your flight details
  • 1-page reservation of your vehicle
  • 2 attractions and activities pages
  • 1-page contact information
  • 1-page emergency information
  • 1 page of notes
  • 1 cover page of the fifth part
  • 1-page “plan of the day.”
  • 1-page «memories of the day.»
  • 1-page «travel diary.»
  • 1-page notes
  • 1 thank you page.

About files

  • It is a digital file, not a physical one.
  • Some of the images are for illustration only
  • Layout to print on A4 size sheets
  • Automatic download after payment
  • High quality
  • Files only available in PDF
  • All files are original from my work

These files are for personal use only. Please do not share, sell or redistribute the files.
All rights belong to Verónica Cussi

Sending the files

  • Once the payment is completed, the files will be available for download.
  • Please note that these are digital files and not printed products.
  • These digital files are for you to print or use on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Print the files

  • The planner can be printed at your home or by a professional store.
  • The file can be printed entirely or just the sheets you need.
  • I recommend that you bind it with a spiral ring.
  • Professional printing prices vary depending on each business.

Terms of use

You can

  • Print these files for your personal use only.
  • Download these files on your computer.

You can not

  • Redistribute or share the digital file by email, blogs, web pages where files are shared, or any other means.
  • You cannot sell the file or print it for other people.
  • Upload the file to the web
  • Give this file away without permission.
  • In no case suggest that you created this file.
  • Share the files with anyone. These files are licensed for one computer only.
  • The files cannot be published on any website, banner, logo, etc.
  • Thank you for your purchase!

Printable trip planner. Kit to plan your vacations. Travel organizer, travel itinerary, travel diary, packing list, essential for traveling.


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